ATACK CONTROL® – protection against biting and stinging insects!

Want to enjoy that outdoor BBQ or picnic again without being plagued by Wasps, Mosquitos or Tics ? – goodscare has the perfect solution with its insect repellent range ATACK CONTROL®.

ATACK CONTROL®’s active ingredient of IR3535 is highly effective at keeping those annoying stinging and biting insects at bay.

Wasps for example, have increased in numbers and been especially aggressive this year. They can spoil anyone’s enjoyment in the sun. ATACK CONTROL®’s active ingredient IR3535 has been proven to be highly effective in keeping them away from your skin. The products can be used for children as young as 12 months, or even on sensitive skin, keeping the whole family save.

THE EXPLORER MAGAZIN recently posted an article about the high effectiveness of the nature inspired agent IR3535 used in ATACK CONTROL® against Wasps, Mosquitos or Tics. (Please follow the links below for the article.)




ATACK CONTROL® can be purchased directly via our website and we would be please to answer any questions you may have to help keep your families skin save from those nasty bites and stings! 



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