goodscare GmbH partners with Patientus; Welcome to the medicine of tomorrow

Part of what drives us here at goodscare is finding innovative products that can be used to better the lives of people in the countries we operate and adopting solutions that work in the environment our partners operate. This drive has led us to partner with a company that is dedicated to insuring access to healthcare.

One of our partners, Patientus, has developed an online doctors consultation platform tailored to meet some of the challenges experienced in the health sector. The project has had a successful pilot-run here in Germany with the aim of providing online -health services for people who are decentralized/ off grid.

We are now ready to apply this same concept in Subsaharan Africa, taking into cognizance, the challenges experienced by health institutions in these countries. Our intentions are to partner with NGO’s, Health Ministry’s and Universities with the aim to bring the following solutions:

a) care at a distance technology, to bring patients and physicians together
b) quality health services in remote and under-serviced communities
c) direct contact to specialized professionals

Feel free to visit their website by following the hyperlink:

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