Lotion Amiral

A modern line of airfresheners with an oriental tradition.

Lotion Amiral airfreshener is famous for its unique and long-lasting perfume, delicately refreshing and perfuming your home.

Since the introduction of Lotion Amiral back to the 1970′s, the product was so successful that many have tried to copy it. Despite all imitations, the original has still proven to be the best.


The range owes its continuous excellent market

position to the following facts:

  • Exquisite perfumes
  • A distinguished, elegant artwork
  • European production under ISO 9001-2000
  • Application of latest European legislation
  • Constant quality control
  • Economical in use


Available in six fragrances:

  • Paris – 300ml & 500ml aerosol spray
  • Oud de Agar – 300ml aerosol spray
  • Oriental Senses – 300ml aerosol spray
  • Relaxing Woods – 300ml aerosol spray
  • Ocean – 300ml aerosol spray
  • Flower Garden – 300ml aerosol spray
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