Atack Control

ATACK CONTROL® is a range of insect repellent products to keep unpleasant biting and stinging insects away from your skin.

The range has been developed to provide the highest protection against Mosquitos, Wasps and Ticks, whilst still being gentle and caring to your skin.

Through its Deet-Free formula, ATACK CONTROL® is suitable for the whole family and can be used with children as young as 12 months, as well as on sensitive skin.

Stings and bites can spoil any outdoor activity, but it becomes a serious concern when the insects are vectors of infectious diseases such as Malaria or Lyme disease. ATACK CONTROL® is a reliable way of keeping insects such as these away from your skin.

ATACK CONTROL®’s active component in its formulation is called IR3535, this component has exceptional repellent qualities and is recommended by the World Health Organziation (WHO).

It even works on repelling wasps, so that BBQ or Picnic you planned is once again free from annoying stinging insects.

ATACK CONTROL® provides protection even under tropical conditions for your family for up to 8 hours.

Both products are lightly scented, enriched with Aloe Vera and available in a non-greasy spray with a pleasant citronella fragrance and a nourishing lotion that cares for your skin.

ATACK CONTROL® – Tough on bugs, gentle to your skin…


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