About Us

In a global market place that is dictated by major players goodscare is the alternative source for quality consumer products flexibly targeting major and niche markets around the world.

Newly formated goodscare is taking over the business of Gyllentorget Marketing Europe GmbH and continues to distribute and market fast moving consumer goods in the household, cosmetic and recently in the food sector.

Our brand portfolio represents quality and innovative products catering to people’s daily needs. Some brands, especially in the insecticide sector, have a great history of successful distribution. goodscare is aiming to carry the brands’ spirit and fill them with innovative, modern concepts, designs and marketing strategies.

Through the number of years of experience in global trading our company and its team contributes

in-depth knowledge of the global market place and is accustomed to its economical and cultural challenges. A strong network of solid relationships with distributors, agents and suppliers has grown from this. This network continues to generate synergies between the markets and helps to grow the business. It also opens doors to new business opportunities.

Our trading partners are carefully selected and represent established companies as well as striving professionals in their regions.

By sharing our experience and knowledge with our business partners goodscare is aiming to develop and grow as a brand principal, trading agent and advisor. As a young, growing business goodscare is interested in expanding the professional network to further strengthen our brand’s market positions and taking good care of our customer needs.

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