Doing Business in Africa

african union

With 20 years of experience on the African continent and an extensive network of reputable partners, goodscare has become the first, second and last stop when it comes to the distribution of FMCG goods on the African continent.


What we do for our European clientele:

  • Promote the potential in Africa
  • Explore business possibilities
  • Find the right distribution partners on the African continent
  • Logistical assistance
  • Supply chain assistance
  • Legislation and regulatory assistance
  • Brand representation
  • Local marketing and merchandising support
  • Limit the risks; secure payment structures
  • General Advise

What we do for our African clientele:

  • Bridge cultural challenges
  • Research and development
  • Brand design
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Customize and enhance product presentation
  • Optimize production process and lead time on product delivery
  • General advise
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