goodscare and Refugee4Refugees

The refugee camp on Samos is one of the first entree camps in the Ägäis. The camp is overfilled and the hygiene as well as the sanitary conditions are catastrophic. Diseases can spread easily. During summer, refugees face insect bites and because of bad hygiene, these wounds could inflame easily.

In cooperation with Refugee4Refugees, a non-governmental organization, goodscare GmbH has supported the refugees with a donation of 2000 ATACK CONTROL Insect Repellent 2 in 1. These products have a natural active ingredient (Eucalyptus Citriodora oil) that protects the skin against mosquitos and ticks in combination with sun protection of SPF 25. ATACK CONTROL Aktiv 2 in 1 is safe to use, also by pregnant women as well as children over 1 year old.

goodscare is grateful to help to alleviate the lives of the refugees.

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