Travellunch – now available in Southern Africa

In February this year goodscare became the official distributor for Travellunch Freeze- dried- food for Sub-Saharan Africa. Travellunch has an array of high-energy meals from breakfasts, main meals, desserts, soups, isotonic drinks, energy bars and lots more for your on-the-go energy needs. Travellunch is suitable for all your outdoor needs including cycling, motorbike touring, mountaineering, ocean sailing, long distance rowing amongst others.

goodscare partnered up with Traverse Outdoor Gear who successfully launched the brand in South Africa and is now available in chain stores such as Cape Union Mart, Trappers and Outdoor Warehouse where it has been well received.

goodscare will continue to further the footprint of this uniquely delicious energy food in Africa bringing it closer to the outdoor enthusiasts.


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